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The Founder of the schools had 15 years experience with one of the most famous boy reform schools in the intermountain west. He rose from trained staff to be the primary operating manager for over 10 years. The time tested programs were developed by a noted professional and is taught as a model for behavior modification for the past 50 years. He found that there were no girl programs west of Omaha. So 18 years ago he created a girls facility, then went on to create a seperated co-ed facility so both genders could be treated with the same expert staff. He has now setup regional schools providing the same great quality services and care across North America. Boot camps and wilderness programs are more of a shock treatment and for teens with short term rebellion troubles. Military schools are good for those who need the discipline and could wish for military service career. Teens however with problems steming from long term emotional development need programs that take a longer period of time to correct. Supervised therapy boarding school programs are often the only treatment that has proved to be successful. Turning around teens from destructive behavior caused by divorce trauma or drug use is a long term issue. Fixing those types of problems take time to remedy.
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