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24/7 Home Security specializes in providing objective information about home security products, helping you decide which approach is right for you.

It discusses factors that should go into a decision, introduces available home security solutions, and offers easy ways to compare the options. The site offers introductory information, comparison tools, and helps you determine and reduce your risk of being burglarized.


At 24-7-home-security.com, we believe strongly that only you can decide what the best home security system is for you. So, we give you the information and the right questions to ask, and then make it easy for you to choose a system or do it yourself alternatives that work best for you and your family.

The Top Resources on the Site

  • Do It Yourself Home Security for Under $100 On a budget? This is a great list of practical yet effective home security tips that anybody can follow.
  • Mammoth Guide to the Best Home Security Camera Systems walks you through the process of knowing what you want, how to analyze the cameras available, and using our comparison tool to speed up your shopping for a great home security camera.
  • DIY Home Security Tips Gives actionable home security tips that can be applied by anyone, even those who can't afford a complete home security system. See which steps give you the most bang for your buck and help you reduce your risk of becoming the victim of a home invasion.
  • Choosing the best home defense shotgun considers your situation and gives you specific recommendation on the right shotgun for home defense.

Compare Companies and Products

  • The Home Security Systems Comparison provides all of the information that you care about for each home security system, so that you can quickly filter and sort to find the right system for you.
  • You can also compare home security companies to give you an idea of the customer service ratings of companies and how transparent their products and business are. It's a great resource to check before you sign a contract for a monitored security system.
  • Compare Home Security Cameras gives an overview of the security cameras that are available. Sort by cost and filter to see only cameras with night vision or another feature you have to have.


  • The Home Automation System Reviews page gathers all of the best reviews that we could find on the web in one place. See which systems are consistently rated the best and read accurate and thorough reviews from around the web.
  • Because of the popularity of the home automation reviews page, we did the same thing with Home Security System Reviews. We consolidated the best reviews from around the web on one page.
  • The iSmartAlarm and iCamera Keep Review goes into detail on an up and coming do it yourself alarm system with detailed screenshots and useful setup tips.
  • Our Staples Connect Hub Review goes into the home automation features of the new D-Link hub, and it's effectiveness as a security system too.
  • Is the Wink the Best Home Automation Hub? We take a deep dive with the system to see the kinks that have been ironed out since its launch and see where it stands now.


  • Our Home Security System Cost Calculator analyzes the initial purchase and monitoring fees to give you an idea of the lifetime cost of the home security system that you are considering.
  • The Burglary Risk Analyzer considers where you live, your habits, and existing security measures to determine your likelihood of being a burglary victim.

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