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Creative website design and organic SEO in French and English. Drupal web design company in France offering interactive websites, hosting, search engine optimization and graphic web design - a complete package that gives you an attractive web site that you can easily edit, has interactive features (ecommerce, discussion forums, etc.) and that appears high with Google and other search engines.

1 Website Designer offer a complete web design and promotion package, creating attract graphic web designs that you can edit yourself and optimizing your site for search engines with their effective English and French SEO service.

As an English and French SEO company, 1 Website Designer optimize over 20 different factors on-site and can also generate high quality links to your web site via link building, directory submissions and original article writing and submission in French and English.


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1 Website Designer, Hameau de Laval, Quillan
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Martin Woods
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Additional Information

1 Website Designer is an international team of creatives including web designers, content writers, programmers, a graphic designer and a French translator.

Our focus is on creating professional, attractive websites that appear high with search engines. We specialise in Drupal websites with interactive features such as discussion forums, news portals, document libraries and ecommerce facilities.

Our websites are easy to administer, to maintain and are intuitive for the end user to navigate and use. Where you are providing the content, the website can be in any language and we also offer English and French content writing services.

Drupal web design

We will create your website using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). This is open source software that has a large community support network and includes many applications that are especially designed for interactive websites.

Drupal is a very flexible system and uses 3 languages to code the pages:

  • PHP – To determine the overall structure of the site and large parts of the site’s functionality.
  • CSS – (Cascading Style Sheets) - creates the overall appearance of the site, including colours, fonts, spacing and background images.
  • HTML – Individual pages are written in HTML using an intuitive interface (the FCK Editor) so that users don’t need to know any HTML to modify the site.

Using these 3 separate coding languages gives the site a great advantage in that the appearance (CSS), overall structure (PHP) and individual page content (HTML) are largely independent of each other.

This means that once the basic site structure is in place, you will be able to start adding content to the site and using the site while we continue to develop the extra functionality.

It also means that should you, in the future, decide to change the colour scheme of the site, move a set of links, or make another similar change, this would be simple to do without having to modify the content of individual pages.

Organic SEO

While we always write and structure websites with your visitors at the forefront of our minds, we don’t forget the other visitor – the Search Engine bot.

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing read websites in a different way to a human visitor, looking at the code and structure of the website, rather than actually seeing the pages. We therefore ensure that the structure and content of a website will help search engines know what the website is about, by using relevant titles, metatags, page names (URLs) and other elements, without losing any readability or value for the people who really matter. This organic SEO service is one of the things that distinguishes are websites from others - they appear high in the search results (whether English, French or both) for relevant searches.

We submit every website we create to relevant local search engines and can also help a site gain visitors initially by generating links to it via directory and article submissions and by asking other relevant, high quality websites to link to it. For more information about our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, you may also wish to visit 1 SEO Company - Organic SEO Services.

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