1Eat.co.uk is a London eating club

About 1Eat.co.uk

With over 300 partner restaurants 1eat club members enjoy unlimited special treatment and up to 50% off their table's bill.

All the partnering restaurants are listed here on line and you can also recognize them by a 1eat sticker on the doors.

1eat membership is not only for those who often eat out and wan to try new places, but also for occasional students who dine out for special occasions. The club is aimed at students, because they tend to be the most curious of new opportunities and open to trying new possibilities. This is why our membership is only £10 per year in comparison to £29.99 - £69.99 of similar clubs. Which means it pays itself of within 1 dinner with friends.

We hope that the club will bring you not only the obvious monetary benefits but also give a reason to try new places, meet new people and enjoy new friendships.

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