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About 12Word.com

12word.com has launched a free online foreign language word teaching service. With the service internet users cannot avoid learning thousands of words from any foreign language while surfing the web. The free, custom made web browser toolbar keeps on showing the animated words whenever the web browser is used.

The free service is available at no costs to any person, school and university as well as to any company, government entity or non-profit community.

Users of the service can choose to learn from 88 languages, 7,504 target to native language combinations and 15,032 language files for free. Service can be used via the free, custom made browser toolbars, any RSS feed reader or Web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

More languages, language packs and ways of using the service are added all the time to 12word.com. All copyright free dictionaries are welcomed to increase the selection for the users of the service.

The service has been created by Mr Christian Dillstrom, who has been studying learning techniques as his hobby for the last 15 years. Originally the service was created for his personal use, but he has made it freely available as the Community of Easy Language Learning as it turned out to be such an easy and effective way to learn.

"Repetition is the key to learn anything deeply, but for almost all of us the most difficult part of repetition is not getting too bored with it.", Christian Dillstrom says. To solve the problem 12word.com uses different kind of animations and distractions to present the language material.

Dillstrom says: "It does not really matter what the animations and distractions are as long as they are there." and continues: "The only goal is to make it easier for users to extend the amount of repetitions and words they can go through before getting too bored."

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