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0844 Call provide services for making discounted International calls from the UK. Whether you are a regular overseas caller or just make the occasional international call, 0844 call can save you money on the cost of your international phone calls.

How much can you save?

Here is an example - dated 12/10/2014 - Using our 0844 Call Service you can call a mobile phone in India for an unbelievable 0.5p per minute. The standard BT international rate to call a mobile in India during the daytime is 64.3p per minute. BT prices page. The savings can be massive. Make a 20 minute call to an Indian mobile, with 0844 call the cost is £1.00. Let's compare this to the BT rate given and their total cost for his call is £12.86.

Make Cheap calls now

With 0844 Call you have no account to open, need no credit card and have no need to pre-pay for your international credit. You only pay for what you use and the costs are added onto your UK landline bill. If you want to save on international call costs then 0844 Call is the place to visit.

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