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"I'm Looking For Investment's" "For The Making Of My Sculpture Candles" Toscany - (Lu) - ITALY

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I Design 3D Prototypes ""            "Of Any Kind "" 
Using The Old Manner "Plaster", "Wax" & Plastic's! 
Master & Experience For The Making Of Three Dimensional Moulds 
(Working Out Sculpture Prototypes&Moulds For Famous Artist's)
In Doing So I Have Perfected 3D Plaster Piece & Silicone Moulds! 

Thus Can Be Used To Form Many Types of Materials "Great" For Mass Products!! As I Have Found A Way Not To Have Any Finishing Retouch to Doo!!!! Personly I Make Sculpture & Design Models. I'm Looking For Investment's! For The Making Of My Sculpture Candles!! Made Several Protoype Models & People Love Them!!! What I Need To Doo" Is Mass Produce Them With A Partner Who Will Take Care Of The Fundings & Materials For My 3D Saved Retouch Mould's. So We Can Keep The Price Low & Be The First Original World Wide Candle Sculpture Supplier On The Internet !!

""You Never know""

ModelDesigne The 3D Candle Wax Sculptor


Areas of Interest: Master Mould-Maker & Restorer. My expertise of working with Clay, Plaster, Wax, Plastics & Materials which I have Developed, can be used in Different Spheres such as Interior Design & Ornamental Plastics. In view that I have already made use of the Extraordinary Properties of Plaster & Wax. In Projects such as the Design of Furniture, Elements of Décor, Candle's & Ornamental Objects. I believe it would be of Great Interest to Collaborate with Professionals such as Architects, Interior, Designers, Stage,Set Designers, Stilisti & Moda. """"""""""""""ORNAMENTAL PLASTICS - Projects Realised in 3D or Relief : Interior Design for the Nautical Sector-Yachts-Ships & Luxury Boats:

Furnishings,Fittings,Gadgetry Or 3D Original Objects For Castings in Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Plastics.

""""""" Original Designs "" Or I Can Help You With Your Designs"""""""

"Sincere 1stBest Regards Jjw"                                                

Plaxo: Info http://www.plaxo.com/profile/show/150325548130

Contact Email: w@3xd.it

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